Your Ideacoach

Dein Ideacoach


Name Mitch Buchannon, Ideacoach
Date of birth
17. July 1952
Interests Swimming, Ideas
(Any similarity with alive or fictive people is just a coincidence ;))
Mission To provide this platform as the perfect place for your ideas

The Ideacoach - Who is hidden behind the moustache?

The Ideacoach is the main user of the Your questions will be always directed to the responsible employee who will answer them as soon as possible.

In short: Behind this moustache there is the team of Therefore the Ideacoach is more than human ... but you can call us Mitch ;)

Why Mitch?

We wanted to provide one direct communication channel for our users, not several channels for every responsibility. Therefore we decided to create one user: Your Ideacoach. We decided to use a male avatar even tough the Neurovation team consists of female and male creative brains.

And why is he called Mitch? To be honest: We thought it is going to be funny ;)

The mission of the Ideacoach

The Ideacoach is your first network contact on this platform. He shall support you with the first steps, with creating ideas and improving your performance.


Dear user,

contact me, if you have any suggestions for improvement or any type of question. I'm happy to assist you!

Creative greetings,
Your Ideacoach

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