The ZBW Brainstormer

What is the Brainstormer?

The Brainstormer is a simple and quick brainstorming tool which you can use with your friends.

How does it work?

You can start a brainstorming by clicking onto "My Brainstormings" in your profile dropdown. Just enter a question, click on "Start Brainstorming" and invite your friends.

The concept of it is as simple:

Brainstormer Functions

What is a brainstorming?

The German dictionary Duden explains the brainstorming as a method to collect spontaneous ideas (from employees) to find solutions for a problem.

(Duden: Brainstorming, 20. February 2013)

On Wikipedia it is defined as followed:

"Brainstorming is a technique groups of individuals can use to generate novel ideas and enhance their collective creativity. This technique requires heightened expressiveness, postponed evaluation, quantity as opposed to quality contributions, and a conscious effort to improve upon earlier suggestions. The brainstorming method was developed in 1939 by an advertising executive, Alex Osborne, with the desire to improve his colleagues’ abilities to generate new, unusual, and imaginative ideas."

Osborn claimed that two principles contribute to "ideative efficacy, these being:

  1. Defer judgment,
  2. Reach for quantity

For the brainstorming he defined four rules:

  1. Focus on quantity
  2. Withhold criticism
  3. Welcome unusual ideas
  4. Combine and improve ideas

For the detailed Wikipedia definition read the Wikipedia entry.

(Wikipedia: Brainstorming, 20. February 2013)

General Brainstorming vs. The Brainstormer

In general participants of a brainstorming meet in a room at the same time and somebody takes notes of all ideas.

The advantages of the Brainstormer:

With the Brainstormer it is not necessary to meet in person. It overcomes time and distance. Everybody can start a brainstorming, invite friends and receive ideas directly on his computer. This can happen immediately, in case the invited friends are online, or later on.

The Brainstormer shall not replace the conventional brainstorming. It is a tool which shall support the solution finding process without much pre- and post-editing. This tool has the main advantages of the "analogue" brainstorming such as receiving many ideas to a specific question in an easy, fast and cheap way. The collected ideas can be then easily further developed.

Furthermore this tool reduces all the disadvantages of brainstorming - there is no distraction, not much effort to filter the best ideas and no discussion on who had a specific idea in the first place.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your first brainstorming now.

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