Ideas for Tomorrows Economists

You determine who you want to share your ideas with

Neurovation works just like a safe for your ideas. At any time it is up to you whether you make your ideas visible to other creative brains. Each of your ideas has the default status “private”, i.e. it is only visible to you or people which you allow to see it. If you would like to get feedback from others you can change the idea status to “public”, your idea is then put into the idea pool.

Become more visible for companies and realize your ideas

Good ideas are valuable. If you publish your ideas they are not only visible to other creative brains and like-minded people; your ideas and you as a creative person can also be interesting for companies. This may enable you to easily realize your ideas, to actively participate in the realisation of the idea or even to get a job.

Ideas for Tomorrows Economists

Socialise with like-minded people and realise your ideas

A good advice is beyond price, but not expensive. Collaborate with other people or with the whole Neurovation community when developing your ideas. On the platform you can become more visible and findable for other creative brains or companies by indicating your profession and your interests. However, persons can also be found by keywords relating to their ideas; consequently when searching for a term you will also find links to creative persons. This should help interesting persons to find each other in order to work on ideas or to jointly realise them, for instance.

Create your ideas and don’t lose sight of any flash of genius anymore

Did you ever have a flash of genius that disappeared as quickly as it came to your mind? Or you had a brilliant idea written on a napkin which you later found in scraps of paper in your laundered trousers? No matter if you have spontaneous ideas or get inspirations from others – with you have your personal virtual area in which you can store and manage all your ideas at any time. Use videos, pictures, shapes, colours and text in order to get your idea from your mind to the screen.

Ideas for Tomorrows Economists

Helpful feedback with an objective evaluation afterwards

We have developed a fair evaluation system. There are two phases when it comes to submitting ideas: the feedback phase and the evaluation phase. In the feedback phase ideas can be published, be further developed collaboratively and finally be submitted. This can be done until the end of a competition; afterwards the evaluation phase starts. Registered users can view the submitted ideas and have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of the ideas. We are convinced that creative teams are more successful. Consequently, our points and level system fosters cooperation and the trustful handling with ideas.

Jobs and prizes as remunerations for your effort

If you or one of your ideas are found by a company this might pay off in the form of prize money or non-cash prizes. Our points and level system particularly remunerates active, creative and fair users with a high visibility on the platform. BTW: For every published idea you receive a small acknowledgement.


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