Submission Types

Option 1: Get feedback first

Put your ideas into the idea pool and get feedback from other platform users. Develop your ideas further before you submit them. By collaborating with others you might increase your chances of winning. Take time to integrate the feedback you received and then submit your idea. Afterwards the evaluation phase will start in which your idea will be rated by the platform community.

Important: If your idea is in the idea pool it will be automatically submitted after the end of the feedback and submission phase – that means you don’t have to worry about anything, and your idea will go straight to the evaluation phase. Any idea that you enter into a competition at any stage will remain in the idea pool as long as you want it to!

Important: Your ideas designated to be "private",are and will remain private! These ideas will not be covered or submitted to any contest by the system!


Option 2: Submit your idea without feedback

You can also submit your idea immediately to the evaluation phase.
In this case you should be aware that you will not be able to edit your idea or to integrate feedback anymore (though you can make a copy of your submission, which you can edit and then submit as a new idea). In the subsequent evaluation phase your idea will be rated by the platform community.

Important: After the evaluation phase (by the community and/or jury), all submitted ideas reappear as feedback ideas in the Idea Pool. If you do not want your idea to be in the Ideapool, you can immediately designate it "private".

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