Level information

  • What are the points and levels for?
    The level shows the performance of a user on the platform. Every action is rewarded with a certain amount of points. These points are split up into Activity, Creativity and Trust. Depending on the action, the user will get points in different areas. 

    The user will ascend to the next level if he reaches a certain threshold in all three areas. It's also possible to collect points in those areas in advance. The higher the level of the user, the more visible the user will be to the Community as "Creative of the week" or in the "Top 10 creatives".

    Important: It is possible to have more points than another user without being on a higher level. This means that the user has to use all features on the platform well-balanced to reach the next level.

    The only points that can be triggered by the user himself are the Activity-points. Creativity- and Trust-points are only available through interaction with other users and ideas:
  • Where can I see my current points and level?

    Level Information

    In the Activity Feed in the "My Area"-section all points are shown. The Activity Feed and the progress bars are only visible to the user himself. The level Level and the sum of all points Sum of all points are visible to other users as well.

  • What's the meaning of those three bars in "My Area"?
    Those bars Level Progress Bars visualize the progress of the user in the following three areas:
    • Activity describes the frequency of all interactions of the user on the platform
    • Creativity describes the quality of the ideas and the users' feedback to other ideas
    • Trust describes the quality of the user's interaction with other users and ideas

  • How to reach the next level?
    The user will ascend to the next level if he reaches a certain threshold in all three areas Actual Points / Next threshold:
    • Activity-Points are triggered through any action on the platform, e.g. login, voting, providing feedback etc.
    • Creativity-Points are triggered through creating, discussing and voting, e.g. providing feedback, receiving positive evaluations of other users etc.
    • Trust-Points are triggered through valuable, objective and useful actions of the user, e.g. accepted feedback, accepted network-request etc.
  • Is it possible to lose points and descend from a level?
    Yes, by cancelling or recalling actions (such as deleting an idea or cancel a network request), the points the user earned before will be deducted from the respective areas.

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