Challenge Phases

So that you all have the same chance and enough time to make your ideas perfect but also to evaluate, we have divided all of our challenges in phases. The order and the types of phases depend on the challenge.

On the contest page it will be displayed in which phase the challenge is.

Our Phase-Types are:

Feedback and Submission Phase:

During the feedback and submission phase you can join in a challenge by creating and submitting an idea. By creating a feedback idea, other users can give you feedback, so you can work on your idea until the end of the challenge to make your idea perfect.This idea will be automatically submitted at the end of the phase. If you decide to the direct submission, other users can not see your idea until the beginning of the evaluation phase.

Important: You can also publish ideas regardless to the currently running contests in the Ideapool to discuss that ideas with other users - this is an idea platform to manage and store all your ideas!

Community and Jury Rating (Evaluation Phase)

During the community voting the arena is active and always two ideas will be compared. This procedure allows a fair and objective ranking of the submitted ideas. According to the voting a certain number of ideas coming into the next phase - which may for example be the jury's decision. Participation in the evaluation is open to any user. You earn points by active participation but also if other users vote for your idea.

Concept phase

Concept Phase

During the concept phase owners from are already preselected ideas asked to describe their ideas more accurately. Then the final concepts can be compared in the following evaluation phase.

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Jury Review

The jury's decision is to compare all ideas that gained that phase.

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