The Arena

What is the arena and how does it work?

In the arena two entries of a competition will always be up against each other. In one round, there are 5 battles that must be challenged.

Pairwise Comparison

Based on the principles of paired comparison, ideas can be compared quickly, objectively and in a fair way. You cannot rate your own ideas. The ideas are chosen randomly from the Idea Pool and compared in pairs. One battle lasts five rounds, which means that the user decides on five out of ten ideas. The user can participate in as many battles as he or she likes. The system guarantees that all ideas are compared under the same conditions, e.g. every idea is compared as often as the other ones.

  1. In the paired comparison you will see two ideas at the same time.
  2. The visible ideas are randomly chosen from the Ideapool and displayed anonymously.
  3. After you accurately read through the ideas you can decide which idea you prefer.

What happens in the background?

Through various comparisons by different users a ranking will result. This ranking is based on how many battles an idea won and lost.

Where is my idea?

You can see your submitted idea and how often it won against other ideas in battles in the tab “My Ideas”.  However, you will not be able to see the competing ideas against which your idea won, or how often those ideas won. As long as the community is still voting, a ranking will not be published. That is why it stays exciting until the end.

In "My Ideas" you can see how many battles your idea has fought an won in the Arena so far. For instance, "125 of 150" means that your Idea has fought 150 battles and won 125 out of them.

What do I get out of voting on other people’s ideas?

If you compare ideas objectively and in a fair way, other users will do so, too. Your submitted idea will be viewed and compared as often as all other ideas in the system. The more users vote, the more accurate and fair the result will be. For each battle you participate in you get points and therefore increase your level; this makes you more visible on the platform and increases the importance of your vote. You not only receive points for voting, but you also earn creativity points if your idea wins a battle. If your idea wins the competition you will receive some extra bonus points in addition to the prize. If an idea you voted for wins the competition, you will receive trust points.

Ending of the community voting

When the community voting is over, a ranking will be published, along with the community voting winner. If there is a jury voting afterwards, the final winner will be announced later.

Jury or expert voting

In the jury or expert voting, a certain amount of the highest-rated ideas from the community voting will be compared again by a jury according to the clients’ requirements. The winner will be announced at the end.

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