Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is an idea platform that enables you to individually or collectively create, manage and publish ideas, and to submit them to challenges. links creative brains and idea seekers.

2. Are my ideas safe on

You have a lock on what happens to your ideas. If the status of your idea is "private" no one but you will have access to it. If your idea is "public" in the Idea Pool, other creatives will be able to see your idea and provide feedback to it. You have also the possability to directly "submit" your idea to a challenge if you wish. Please notice that nobody will be able to provide feedback in that case.

3. How do I create an idea?

Click on the drop-down-menu in your area and select "My Ideas" and then "Create New Idea" or in case you would like to join a challenge click on "Join the Challenge!".
Use the idea-board and the corresponding text fields for description. You can access the drawing board by clicking onto “Visualise your idea”.

4. What constitutes a good idea on

A good idea has a meaningful title and a clear and brief description. If possible and/or necessary, you should use the drawing board (Ideaboard) in order to draft your idea or to upload videos, pictures and audios.
It is not necessary to publish final concepts of an idea or submission - sometimes an idea can be just a great thought. It always depends on you and how much time you would like to invest.
In some challenges there will be a concept phase in order to work on your idea in more detail.

5. How can I add files (such as pictures, Youtube videos, PDFs etc.) to my idea?

In order to add a file you'll have to follow these steps:

icons for upload

  • Create a new idea or edit an existing idea
  • Click the button "Visualise Idea" at the bottom of the page, the drawing board should be open now
  • Uploading files (PDF, pictures etc.):
    • Click the button "Add images, documents, ..." (folder icon) right next to the print icon at the top of the drawing board
    • By clicking "Browse" you can choose the file and upload it
    • Depending on its size and your internet connection, the file should be uploaded quickly
    • Now you can see either the picture or the adress of the file
    • The file will open by clicking on it (the link)
  • Uploading Youtube-Videos or links:
    • Copy the link of the video or picture (right mousclick & copy)
    • Click the button "Add link" (globe icon) right next to the print icon and "Upload file" icon
    • Paste the link and click on "Add"
    • Youtube videos will appear as a video, pictures will appear as pictures and links as links
6. Can I change the idea status from public to private again?

Yes, you decide who is allowed to see your ideas and when your idea should be visible to others. You can set the idea status to public or private at any time.

7. Why is my idea limited to 1000 characters?

Here on Neurovation we defined an idea as a "Flash of inspriration". That means, an idea doesn't need to be fully elaborated. With 1000 characters your idea is easily comprehesible, people can add feedback to it and evaluate the idea in the Arena. If you still want to give more details, you can upload Pictures and PDFs on the Ideaboard.

8. What do I get for my ideas?

Depending on the challenge, the best ideas are awarded with prize money or non-cash prizes. Furthermore, every user earns points by participating in challenges and possible rewards.
One of our principles is to reward as many participants as possible with prize money or non-cash prizes. Therefore that is what we recommend the presenters of our challenges. The prizes vary according to the challenge, the complexity of the task, the presenter and his financial possibilities.

9. How can I submit my idea to a challenge?

In order to take part in a challenge, you'll have to register first. After receiving the confirmation mail, just click the activation link. Now you are allowed to use your Personal Area, where you can generate ideas, get feedback and submit them to challenges.

Careful: If the state of your idea is private, it will not take part in a challenge. In order to submit your idea to a challenge, you can "Get Feedback" to receive clever feedback from the community or "Submit" your idea if you don't want any feedback.

Submit idea or get feedback

10. Who has the rights to the generated ideas?

In general your idea belongs to you. If you enter your idea in a challenge, the rights associated with your idea are only passed on to the presenter of the challenge if you get the corresponding remuneration (prize money). Possible rights of exploitation will be defined outside the platform with the presenter of the challenge.

11. Are there any terms and conditions for participating in challenges?

You can find the terms and conditions on the respective challenge page.

12. What happens in the feedback phase?

We are convinced that collaboration leads to better ideas. Therefore you have the opportunity to read ideas from other users and to give them valuable feedback.

13. What is the difference between publishing and submitting an idea?

As soon as you have published your ideas other users are able to give you feedback on your idea. The advantage for you is that you can perfect your idea with the help of others before submitting it – this increases your chance of winning.

When submitting your idea, however, you can neither edit it nor receive feedback from others. As soon as you have submitted your idea it can be rated. However, you can always copy your submitted idea and develop it as a second idea.

14. How can I participate in a challenge?

In order to take part in a challenge you have to register on our platform. You will receive an e-mail containing an activation link, which you have to click on. Then you can create ideas in your area (via the menu item “My Ideas”) or by clicking onto "Join the Challenge!", publish them and finally submit them to challenges, if you wish to do so.

15. What are the criteria for the evaluation of ideas?

Criteria may vary depending on the challenge. However, in general we pay attention to feasibility, degree of novelty and the elaboration of the idea description.

16. What happens in the evaluation phase?

In the course of the evaluation phase the Neurovation community – i.e. all registered platform users – can
objectively rate all submitted ideas. The community decides on the best ideas (in some cases there will be additionally a jury voting).

17. What happens at the end of a challenge?

After all ideas are evaluated, the owners of the best ideas will be informed and awarded the offered prizes. Whether the ideas are realised is left to the discretion of the respective presenter of the challenge.

18. Why don't you limit the number of entries per person for a challenge?

We never limit the number of entries a user can submit. We believe any idea should have the right to be discussed or evaluated. With our evaluation process our users can rank the ideas in order of their preference.

19. Why do I have to choose one of the entries, even if I don't like either of them?

Of course it is more difficult to choose between two ideas you don't like. We think the outcome of the challenge in pairs should be completely objective. Choosing one of the ideas doesn't make it the best idea -- for you it's just better than the other one. We trust our users to choose the better of the two, even if neither is an overall favourite.

20. If I contribute with feedback to an idea and the idea wins the challenge – how do I benefit?

In general we support ideas that have been developed collaboratively. Therefore we remunerate valuable feedback. If you have clearly contributed with your feedback to a winning idea the prize money is shared accordingly.

21. How does the level system work?

You earn points from your activities on the platform, which determine your levelsystem.

22. How can I benefit from using Neurovation?

You can establish your own network and can get in contact with other users in order to realise your ideas.
Via an intelligent level system you become more visible to other users and companies. Furthermore you can participate in challenges and earn money with your ideas.

23. Who's the "Guest" User?

Naturally it can happen that users decide to delete their accounts. When an account is deleted, all its data except data made public (e.g. ideas, submissions, feedback, etc.) will be deleted. This data will be displayed under the user-synonym "guest".

24. I participated in an event and have written an idea onto an idea card. How do I find my idea again?

We have taken a photograph of your idea, tagged it and added it to the Idea Pool. You can find your idea there or search for it via the search function. If you have found your idea click on "That's my idea!That’s my idea!”. You can then continue to develop your idea – individually or with other creative brains.

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